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There is a Thanksgiving and Christmas section
Near the bottom of this page.  I think they will bless
You if you should re-read the poems and listen
To the songs found there.

Memorial Index Page

One Year After Index
(Pages to honor Ken's memory one year after he went home)

Ken has 2 cd's with all the songs in the song section. The cd's are $30.00 for both. The performance cd of Reason Why,  is $15.00 or $40.00 for all 3.  I pay the postage. For information or orders, please use address below, call 256-739-0922, or email  Thank yall. Chrissy

Christine L. Ferguson
171 Willow Springs Drive
Cullman Alabama 35057


For God so loved 

Background music: Reason Why 
Written and copyrighted by Ken.
Vocal: ENell Baker.  
Baker Productions 256-739-0388


That He gave ...

Reason Why 

There's so many times as through life we go
Troubles befall us for reasons unknown.
Who can we turn to who will hear our cry
When our heart is empty we can't understand why.

The answer has always been so easy to reach
Written in red in the words our Lord did teach.
His plan has been there we've no need to cry
Through God's precious Son we'll understand why.

Up Calvary's hill our Lord, He would go
On an old wooden cross His blood it would flow.
He spoke to His Father with tear filled eyes
Yes our Lord would die, we were His reason why.

God's pathway to glory must go through His Son
Through blood from His side our crown would be won.
Tears fell from heaven as God's Son did die
Yes God paid the cost, we were His reason why.

Up Calvary's hill our Lord, He would go
On an old wooden cross His blood it would flow.
He spoke to His Father with tear filled eyes
Yes our Lord would die, we were His reason why.

And written in red, our Lord tells us why. 

 Ken's Songs 
Those marked with  *  have been published!

A Borrowed Angel

He Held The Key

Message For Mother

The Promise

  A Picture Of Me Without You

How Can I Thank You * My Last Tear  Three Nails And A Hammer
Can We Talk  How Much Do I Love You *  My Prayer For Daddy Two Precious Words
Dear Lord It Hurts  I Heard You The First Time *  Only God Knows Vows To Our King
Family matters   *  I'll Stand My Ground * Reason Why What Have I done  

Flowers In The Garden 

In The Eye Of The Storm *   Stop Look And Listen When Ever I Fall 
From One Father To  Another I Won't Tell You Goodbye Straight Up From The Cross Where Will You Be
* Gone Are The Nails * Just A Little Bit Higher * The Family Reunion You Gotta Get Up
Hallway To Heaven * Life In The Blood    

Writings By Ken, Not used before his passing.




A Love Like No Other 

In the Master's Hand

Straight From The Heart 

Always  (by: Chrissy)

I Won't Be There

The Cost Of The Cross

Always One More Hill  

I Won't Tell You Goodbye

The Day Heaven Cried
Before The Cross 

Jesus Paid A Debt

The Dogwood Tree

Down to My Last Time  

Just One Day Left To Live

 The Long Road Home 
For a Sweet Angel's Love 

Just Over The Hilltop

Today I Started Loving Him Again
Go Back To The Cross Just When I Needed Him Most

Unspoken Words

God's Special Angels  Lord It's Been Worth It All   Valentine Gifts
Hello My Children

My Lord is Beside Me

What Will It Take

He's All I Need 

No More Tomorrows

When I Get Home

He Will Take Away Your Fears No Test For Love

When Jenny Talks To God

How Long Is Forever One In The Eyes Of God   When My Savior Reached Down
I Just Want to Talk to You

One Rose From Jesus

When My Tears Flow

I'll Never Walk Alone

Paid in Full 

When You've Lost Your Way

I'm Rich Beyond Compare Satan's Day To Cry  

Without Mama Here

I Never Said it Would be Easy

So Much to Gain

Would Jesus Have Ask    



Inspirational Poems

And Stories

A Harvest Thank You Easter Crosses

Remind Me God   

The Resurrection
Ain't Frail Old Angel

Scars From Life

The Difference
Angel Of Mercy 

God Is At The Window

Scars in the Hands of Jesus

The Walk

A Daddy From Heaven

God's Gift Someone To Watch.. This Glorious Morn

An Irish Blessing

God Speaks Stevie's Story


An Invitation From Ken  Healing At The Cross Tell Me Where the Money..

Tribute to Lynn Pichla

April Fool's Day

Heart Surgery

The Blood The Night Before Easter
Battle Scars His Servant    

The Shoes


Be Washed   Impossible Dream  

The Visit

You Still Have Hope

Coincidence  I Took Your Place

The Little Girl

Do You Hear Me Crying Paid In Full The Lord's Ball Game  


Patriotic Stories
Poems & Sites

A Nam Vet

I Am Your Flag   

Only A Soldier's Grave    

The Final Inspection

A Soldier's Story

 Invisible Soldier    

Patriotic You Tubes The Flag That's Never Flown
Blood Coated Flag  Just A Common Soldier

Ragged Old Flag  

The Unknown Soldier

Eighth Of Nov.

More Than A Name

Sack lunches

The Veteran

Eulogy Of A Vet

No Purple Hearts In Heaven

Senator John Glenn

Unconditional Love

Fallen Soldier Pledge Of Allegiance

Speaking For A Friend  

Veterans Day
God Bless The US

Prayer For Our Soldiers


I Am An American Soldier

God Is Busy      

Thanks to all our veterans: Past and present, God bless each man and woman
that has served our country, and those serving now, God keep you safe
And bring you home to your families soon.  Thanks to our families of troops
Your sacrifice has not gone unappreciated.

Poems By BJ Morbitzer

Sing Along With Other Artist 
(Wav Files: strictly for your listening pleasure. Do not copy!)
Amazing Grace

Go Rest High  

Praying  The Light House  

Angel Band

How Far Is Heaven  

My Woman My Woman

Ten Thousand Angels

Coat Of Many Colors

I Know a Man Who Can  

Roses Will Bloom Again

  Three Wooden Crosses

Eighth Of November

Stroll Over Heaven

Somebody's Praying

Too Much To Gain To Lose

Eleven Roses

Long Black Train

Something About That Name

Tramp On The Street  

Flowers for Momma

Lord Send Me A Refuge


Wings Of A Dove

God Bless The USA

Mississippi Squirrel    

Humor , Misc  And Family Pages

Angels: As Described By Kids Danny

Krystal II

About Me

Dear Ma and Paw 

Krystal III

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Family I

Link To Me

All About Moms

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My Music

Awards Page 1

Family 3 Slow Dance

Awards Page 2

I Won't Tell You Goodbye

The Preacher's Donkey

Awards Page 3

Krystal I

Your Mama


Churchill's Radio Speech

Happy Thanksgiving The Blessings
Thank You Lord Thanksgiving Forecast Be Thankful


A Christmas Prayer   Billy's Christmas Wish Christmas Like Mama... 
A Silent Night  Breath Of Heaven Unknown Soldier

A Letter From Jesus

Carols The Kids Used To Sing

Who Is This Baby

A Soldier's Christmas

Christmas at Uncle Fred's  Winter Wonder Land
Belleau Wood  Christmas You Tubes  


Carrie's Poetry Page

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